Buster Keaton again for #inktober. Fell off the silent film wagon again…


This past weekend, I chit-chatted with Buster’s nephew, Harry Jr., as well as Big Joe Roberts’ granddaughter Nina, and got a big hug from Buster’s granddaughter Melissa when I told her I’d seen her artwork and thought it lovely. I can die now. <3


Buster Keaton in College, 1927.


It’s your birthday, Buster Keaton! And here’s all the ol’ art in one crazy long post! Wooo!


Modern Screen, February 1932

Dang … again with the sweater.


Buster Keaton defying gravity…one of his many super powers.


Buster bb.
Original Content.



[Hollywood Cavalcade 1939]

He actually gets bashful when he’s announced as “the love interest” for the scene for the movie within the movie. Silly Buster.

need to stop relying on people more so i don’t have to deal with bullshit like this.
i havent been taking care of myself lately
no sleep, no shower, poor eating habits, no exercise, my posture is getting so poor, i got to pee only twice today, & i have a massive headache right now.


Buster underestimated the amount of force the water would exert coming out of the spout. As a result, he fell and hit his head and neck on one of the rails. He had a headache (most likely a concussion) for a few days. It wasn’t until years later that it was discovered he broke his neck, most likely from doing this stunt.